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LJ Woes


I truly hate the new Navigation Beta here at LJ. So somebody tell me why I ended up having it, when I've always preferred a non-rollover navigation in the past? Weird.

I don't mind options, but I'd like to be the one who decides, thank you very much.
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Website -- Brushes

I still need to make the zip files, which is a ton of work. (I simply can't locate the ones I made before, so I'm stuck replacing them!)

But I found the images and samples of my Pentagram brushes, anyway. So I've put up those pages for now, but I'm not linking them from the Brushes page.

I did have my map of the image that shows all ten of the brushes. Good thing, as I'll have to refresh my memory to recall how to make one. It's been ages since I did that. *g*

Making image maps with PSP is really easy, though, I do remember that much.

So where are all my Celtic brushes??? Where are the rest? I had have tons of them! (Somewhere...)

I'd hate to have done all the work to create them and then find out they're lost. Damn it.
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Artistic Me

Did I mention that I joined eyekontest? (I was just asked so nicely that I couldn't refuse! *g*)

[Edit: And now that community is GONE! Gah!]

Anyway, I did challenge #2. It's a "Friends" add-effects blend. Fun!

And I did challenge #4, too. Tyra Banks. (She's popular again mainly because of her 'Top Models' show, I think. LOL.)

(I couldn't get them to link for anything. I wonder why???)

[EDIT NUMBER TWO: Yeah, well now I'm hosted by Nikky. So the links above are fine! You can get to my website by going here, or by using this redirect link... Isn't Nikky a sweetheart to host me?]

[EDIT: Apparently you can't link images from my one free site. Sigh. I suppose I need to get a paid site at some point. Or gack more of Nikky's nk_seashore, poor baby!]

Yes, I should be working on my (poor free) website(s). What's your point?


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Invisible Me!

No, I'm not genuinely invisible. But some days I feel like it when I'm on line . . .

I used to do all of my entries here private (just for me, I guess). Then I decided to go 'public' (mostly because of Nikky nk_seashore, really). But I often wonder if I'm still filtering them to be private! *g*

I'm not a very fascinating person in the on line world, so generally I don't attract attention, I guess.

I was really flattered to catch the eye of secretfiftyfive, though, who invited me to join eyekontest. Hopefully I'll get a chance to participate there soon!

Hugs to Charlie charliemc who commented on my entry from yesterday! She's a friend of both Nikky and his mom, Glo dayglo_m and has been so friendly and warm with me! (Charlie, you act like you've known me forever! It makes me feel so good.)

Still working on my (very boring, I know) websites. One of Nikky's other friends sent me an email and asked me for one of my brushes that I shared yesterday, by the way. (I guess I'm not as invisible as I thought! LOL.)

Well, lunch with Gram today. Dani dani_daring and I are wearing new dresses for her to see!

Speaking of Dani, she never writes in her blog. What's with that?

I've got to 'jet' (as Nikky would say!!!). *g*

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Website Work!

I actually have two websites. Have I said that before?

One is the 'real' -- or original -- site. The other is what I think of as a 'mirror' site. It's basically identical to the original one, frankly. Just at a different host!

The two sites are just slightly different, but almost identical (I guess my mirror is slightly warped!).

I've been working on them, but not much! Too busy lately to get to it...

I have a bunch of patterns I want to share. One is my lovely 'gold' pattern that I suspect could be rather popular! Here's what it looks like:

gold sample

That's one of many (many) brushes I've created to share, by the way.

I'm doing a series of brushes that are Celtic designs, mainly because Nikky loves them so much. LOL. (That's a Celtic Triqueta above. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!)

I also love that gold pattern. I think a lot of people who use PSP would like to have it. I need to get it up at my site! *g*

I made this brush and I just love it! I need to find a use for it . . .

my brush

I call that brush 'Hard-Bodies.' (Isn't it cool?)

So, as I was saying, I've made a bunch of patterns. And a bunch of brushes. I have a ton of icons to add. And icon templates. And a few tubes, too . . .

If anybody wants to see what's there so far, my original site is here. (The 'mirror' site is here, by the way.)

I've also put up a few tutorials for both PSP7 and PSP8. Only four (duplicated for both versions), but that's something, anyway. *g*

I wish I had more time to spend on it! I'd love to get my grunge brushes loaded up. (I know grunge brushes are in demand and very popular.)

Anyway, I've got new stuff to add. I've just got to find time to do it!

I need to create zip files for those downloads and include instructions and so on. Make samples of all the brushes and patterns and tubes. (I've done a ton of those, too, but have so much more to do.)

Then write the new pages! Whew. I get tired thinking about it.

I do my code with a very simple software that requires me to do most of the code myself. I'm fine with that, but it's work and time consuming.

Prissy is darling and I love being with her! If all children were like her even more people would be having babies. (Getting married and having families, I guess. Maybe even big families! *g*) She's very attached to me, too, seeing as her mother Suzy is still so weak and sick and not able to spend much time with her.


And she adores Nikky! Just loves him to pieces! He's wonderful with her. (Just like he is with all his siblings.) He's pretty wonderful, period, as far as I'm concerned. An amazing man.

Well, I'm rambling now, so I guess I'll quit.

I need to start writing more often, though!

Hugs, everybody!
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prayer power

Idiot. (Damn.) Messed Up.

I'm just tired, I guess.

I just posted my tutorial for psp7_beginners here to my own LJ. Brother.

Anyway, I've deleted it and moved it over there. (Now I need to work it for PSP8 so I can post it to psp8_fun. I didn't quite get that done yet. *g*

Hospice was upsetting today. I guess I'm too focused on Nikky to concentrate on other things.

Prissy needs me right now. She really, really does.

Suzy is not better. I'm worried. But praying, anyway.

Hugs to all my new friends here!

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Toys. And More Toys!

I spent two hours helping sort through toys for the church toy sale. My.

Helping with the garbage and recycling project, too! We're totally reformatting the methods currently used. (For whatever reason there's constantly garbage mixed into the various bins used for collecting recycling! Ugh.)

It's a 'dirty' project, but I'm fine with that. (Nik promised to help, too. LOL. He's so sweet!)

My bedroom is a total disaster after a mass shopping trip yesterday. Shoes are everywhere! New and old. I must get rid of some.

Suzy (Prissy's mom) is worse. Nik's beside himself.

I might spend the night at his house to be with Prissy . . . (We'll see.)

Did I say that my sister got a journal here? She hasn't done one entry yet. (Unless she's doing what I always did and making them private. I still have tons that are private that I need to go make normal. What do you call normal posts here, anyway? LOL.)

I'm going to write down some of my ideas for the garbage and recycling project, I guess. (Mom's on the phone, so I guess I'll go talk!)

Lunch with Aunt Maddy to discuss hospice tomorrow.

Hugs to Becky and Charlie and everybody who is being so nice to me here!

Just hugs to everybody!

Oh, yeah. Happy St. Patrick's Day! (We were supposed to go out to dinner to celebrate.)
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MeMe -- I Made One! LOL.

What GEM Defines YOU as a Lover? by april_diamond
Your NAME:
Fave color of these:
Basic Mood:
Fave food?
Your Love GEM is:Garnet
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Okay, it's silly and all that, but I made my own! Go me!

I love gems. Everything from agates to diamonds . . .

(I want you to do this, Nikky! *g*)
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monster island carter


I'm sick of the cold. I need a trip to Florida. Or better yet, PS, although the flights would be a real bore. Still, I've heard from friends that the desert's been cold lately. I want summer! I want shorts and short skirts and cotton pants.

I can only take the winter for about six weeks. Then I start to pine. I'm way past pining, into whining.

Yes, Nick and Paris are still together. So get over it.

(HuhHuhHuh, Nick was the hero of 'Monster Island.' Silly, but cute. He can rescue me any time, if it's okay with Nik.)

Dani is more of a shopaholic than I am. Just had to say that.

I have new friends to my journal! Welcome!
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